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Passion of design connecting little dots sense of humor and joyful of childhood happiness with experience of using a product that recall your memories.

Small inflatable toy that transforms into a large bathtub looks like a soft rounded curve that collapses with movement. The inflatable rubber stopper with touch control to drain out water.

Integrated with magical function for joyful with user’s friendly like invisible bath filler, auto fill/stop with light & sound alert.

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Inspiring to turn the general context to a stunning refinement function with aesthetics design to create imagination and happiness to user, unlike ordinary disable equipment.

Easy Move, with compact size it allows to utilize fill up some waste space like under stair or anywhere in home.

Easy Use, with ready to install concept – user just plug in the cable and hot/cold water inlet to operate.

Easy Door, with wide opening clear acrylic door allows to see & help user if needed.

Easy handle, with 2-step lock to extend life time of silicon door sealant.

Easy Function, familiar design and function convey in more value added, and even more refinement. Innovative Care Function through 5 senses of therapy like ultimate Hydro Massage, Hydro Thermal, Chromo Light, and Ozone for healing your body & soul. The feature of Quick Fill/Drain function also available for customer choice to fit their lifestyle.



I-SPA 20 The world best innovative spa technology

I-SPA 20

Do you miss travelling and looking for some inspiration? I-SPA 20, Innovative Spa System that brings a new paradigm of Amazing Journeys & Exercise to your bathroom.

Let’s drift your imagination with I-SPA 20 that brings you along with mood & tone of ambience light, natural sound, songs, aroma smell, rhyme of hydro jets, temperature of water to fulfill your senses of therapy like travel through spas across the World.

Travelling is good for your mental health so taking a break is essential for our mind to feel recharged, relaxed and creativities. I-SPA 20 system helps to transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure. One of the most beautiful things about travel is every day is different.

Experience the relaxation of both body and mind as a travel [Heaven on Earth Menu] enjoy 12 cities with different atmospheres such as Paris, the city of lights, joy and romance; Maldives, the island paradise of freshness from the sea, sand and sun. [Holistic Menu| come with variety of exercise menus from relaxing to burning calories.