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TOGETHER Overflow Bathtub

TOGETHER Overflow Bathtub :

IExperience natural holistic bathing by lie down, close your eyes and indulge your feeling via a tenor of cascade and rhythms of soaking water or enjoy the fineness pleasure of pampering yourself. A creative couple transform a house into a cosy and sensory pleasure home spa. It's a passion of water wellness and wonderful time we share and experience this great time together with a masterpiece of ingenuity and intelligence spa tub.

IF Award


ADRENALINE Overflow Bathtub

ADRENALINE Overflow Bathtub :

The perfect combination of DayBed tub with I-Vichy Rain can create new bathing experience. Endless fascination of an ultimate color therapy which integration of 360 LEDs at the back of translucent I-crylic surface Galaxy light pattern create a your bath time like drifting in the galaxy as well as an additional therapeutic and aesthetic value. The use of I-Vichy falling rain that can adjust to sixteen functions rain massages with warm water and the hydro and ozone bubble massages of Adrenaline bathtub.

NIA Award GMark Award